A Strategic Approach to Multi-Cloud

Often, the initiation of moving to the cloud or extending to Multi-Cloud is started by the IT team and then the Business team is convinced or pursued to support the decision. It is impractical to move to Multi-Cloud without the complete support of the organization.

To overcome these challenges, the Multi-Cloud adoption should be a business-driven initiative that gains support from the organization’s culture. The correct direction is required for this approach, which takes us towards a strategic approach that provides an organization to view what Multi-Cloud has to offer in conjunction with business growth and direction.

A strategy requires building out the framework for ongoing decision making. It is meant to be a high level approach and should be able to achieve a large goal. The outcome of a strategy is often a sense of commitment to the goal and better communication on the topic. True value comes from adopting cloud not as different tactical decisions, but with a holistic strategy.

Based on our experience at hSenid Mobile as a cloud consulting partner, a Multi-Cloud strategy can be divided into 3 pillars: Business, Technology and Culture.

  • Business – Business strategy allows us to view the business direction/transformation and the evolution of targets throughout the cloud adoption stages.
  • Culture – Culture strategy focuses on processes, people, governance and policies as well as human resource development along with the cloud adoption.
  • Technology – Technology strategy sets the directions toward integrating, transforming and operating the technical IT resources including the workloads and security with the cloud.

To build this up, there should be a foundation. Research and analysis of the current foothold and future path will act as the foundation for the cloud strategy that built on.

Key areas to consider when moving to the cloud.

  • Evaluate organizational culture.
  • Understand the constraints
  • Review the Cloud Readiness
  • Understand the financial objectives
  • Understand the operational aspects
  • Evaluate the strategic direction to move to the cloud.

With more than 12 years of experience and expertise in cloud, hSenid Mobile has come up with a framework that assists any organization to build their cloud strategy, move to Multi-Cloud and gain maturity.

We are conducting a webinar series to assist the organizations on their cloud journey and you can check out on-demand webinars available to watch at your convenience here.

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