Why is a Management Platform required to get Real Benefits out of SD-WAN?

Many readers will be familiar with how the SD-WAN functions and its core advantages, namely the automation, increased ROI, better security, and centralized control it provides for complex, distributed heterogeneous networks, enabling agile and real-time application traffic management for businesses.

While SD-WAN was designed to provide a wide range of benefits, it can add to the complexity of managing and orchestrating communications and workflows across a large number of users and SD-WAN devices deployed by the organization in various locations.

If you want to dynamically provision and centrally control distributed edge sites based upon your business policies, SD-WAN Manager is the way forward.

What is an SD-WAN Manager?

An SD-WAN Manager offers virtual device administration for all associated SD-WAN Edges, ensuring safe connection and consistent security for mobile users and branch offices. This includes, but is not limited to, configuration and activation, IP address management, and pushing down policies onto SD-WAN Edges.

Provision of a centralized view of the entire network in a single pane of glass allows administrators and security teams to identify users, devices, and endpoints across a distributed SD-WAN, enforce access and security policies and provide consistent security capabilities across multiple geographical locations

Organizations may use hSenid Mobile SD-WAN Manager, a state-of-the-art middleware platform to simplify centralized deployment, automate processes to save time, and respond more rapidly to business demands. Centralized management of SD-WAN can provide an intuitive workflow for business policies to strategize the distribution of applications and traffic across branches. To learn more about hSenid Mobile SD-WAN Manager and its unique features, download our datasheet.

Simplify SD-WAN Operations with Greater Visibility

A management platform ensures secure SD-WAN management, monitoring, and reporting while preserving the data integrity to deliver a quality user experience. The most agile SD-WAN unified edge platform, hSenid Mobile SD-WAN Manager, is a highly reliable, zero-CAPEX alternative solution for enterprises to simplify connectivity, infrastructure management, and network administration for their SD-WAN networks. Utilizing this platform offers the following benefits:

  1. Centralized Management & Business-intent Policy Automation

SD-WAN management platform enables rapid and consistent implementation of network-wide business intent policies with secure zero-touch provisioning to eliminate many of the tedious and time-consuming manual procedures involved in configuring and connecting distant offices and branch sites.

  2. Integrated Security

Provision of secure end-to-end zones for various combinations of users utilizing SMS and App-based Multi-Factor Authentication, as well as per-tenant data isolation to preserve the integrity of the customer network and data.

  3. Expandability of Network Capacity & Sites On-Demand

Self-servicing is also possible with the platform since enterprises can view the network devices and manage link capabilities, allowing them to easily upgrade or downgrade the bandwidth capacity without requiring any technical assistance.

  4. Visibility & control

SD-WAN Manager has an advanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Matrix that allows clients to create user roles as needed while maintaining total visibility. hSenid Mobile SD-WAN Manager allows access control to the end-user through multiple interfaces, including a responsive web portal and Android and iOS Apps.

  5. Real-Time Application Visibility & Network Performance

Monitors real-time latency and jitter across business intent overlays and mission-critical applications to proactively alert and identify potential performance issues. Further, network performance can be enhanced with the services offered including monitoring network element & link statuses, link bandwidth variations, and reporting.

  6. Zero-CAPEX Solution

Eliminates complexity and costs associated with IT operations and expertise needed for SD-WAN network management as well as the requirement to manage physical infrastructure and backup operations.

In conclusion

SD-WAN Manager facilitates the administration and reachability of your whole SD-WAN implementation, making it simple to manage larger organizations with numerous sites or many smaller locations, resulting in significant business performance improvements.


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