It’s high time to automate your operations

Here are three reasons why you should

What is considered as the greatest investment for an enterprise ?

Future-proofing your organization is definitely a worthwhile investment. Investments might not mean to double the cash inflow but could be to save on expenses which is still a worthy investment too.

If there are ways to work efficiently- by reducing the time and usage of the number of resources, then that would be the smart action taken by a smart decision-maker of an enterprise. But is this possible? Automation could be the answer to all these questions. From product line to business operations, the entire process of activities can be automated to streamline and reap the maximum benefit out of it.

Here are three reasons why you should embrace automating operations at an enterprise level:

1. Reduced Cost of Ownership

It is a hassle to manage the IT functions internally in an enterprise since the cost of resources to maintain would be very expensive. Most of the enterprises outsource their IT functions to other specialized companies. With time the sum of money they have been paying to the outsourced company would gradually increase. By introducing automation, enterprises are able to save up to 28% of their IT outsourcing costs (Source: CIO ).

Automation related costs are considered as an operational expense since you pay as you go. Therefore enterprises will not have the burden of sinking all their investments and marking their move towards digital transformation as a capital expenditure. Studies have shown that automation has contributed to a 50% reduction in the cost of breach at enterprises. (Source: Security Boulevard ).

2. Reduced in Time to Market

Operational efficiency is one of the key areas for the C-level of an organisation. By attaining operational efficiency, enterprises can push themselves to achieve more and increase their bandwidth. Automation has resulted in cutting lead times from 3 business days to 16 hours- A matter of days have now been changed to a matter of hours allowing the enterprise to gain the maximum benefit (Source: The Total Economic Impact ). Studies have shown that 76% of the benefits obtained by automation could be directly attributable to operational efficiency. Furthermore, organisations have reported a 10% growth in delivery due to automated simplified workflows(Source: The Total Economic Impact ).

3. Reduced Security Incidents

Studies say that 77% of the companies are not prepared for serious security breaches. Even large-scale enterprises run legacy systems and unpatched systems which leaves their system vulnerable to external threats (Source: HelpNetSecurity ). With the help of automation, enterprises are able to manage their patch management activities and keep the system protected from threats. In addition, human errors have gone drastically down in companies since machines replaced the works. This has also contributed in reducing the cost of breach and the total expenses of enterprises.

IT operations automation is one of the key areas that the enterprises should focus on under automation. Tasks like, configuration, security patch management, application deployment, cloud orchestration, and infrastructure provisioning are few of the areas that could be automated to obtain seamless services without any interruptions. With several decades of experience in providing global level solutions, hSenid Mobile have stepped into enabling digital transformation in enterprises using automation. Reach out to hSenid Mobile Services to learn more about our offerings.


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