Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Next-Generation Managed Services

Dynamic business IT transformation requires advanced and flexible technology services that deliver business outcomes aligned to the organization’s goals. This trend triggered the Managed Services industry to evolve from traditional IT models to the ‘Next-Generation’ Managed Services which is swiftly moving towards automation and self-service, aiming to increase business agility and minimize cost.

Refining the way IT services are delivered to Businesses.

Next-Gen Managed Services expands IT operational support beyond the Traditional Managed Services which usually consists of security & incident management, patch management, access management, and business continuity. Organizations managed by Traditional Managed Service Providers (MSPs) found it difficult in keeping up with the agility and competitiveness in the industry full of evolving technologies, due to high reliance on the vendor and limited flexibility. In contrast, the Next-Gen Managed Services model is about increasing collaboration between the customers and MSPs by providing customer-centric solutions that are entirely automated, continuous, and extremely agile to deliver impactful value to the customer

Organizations that are building their IT environment across multiple cloud platforms will require Managed Services to shoulder some of the responsibility to help reduce cost, gain efficiency, scalability, and competitiveness. At the same time, they also need to ensure security and data compliance to keep up with governing business requirements. In addition to the traditional MSP model, Next-Gen Managed Services delivers a new standard of operations and management that provides services including DevOps integration, Selfservicing, Remote & Proactive monitoring, Vendor management, Service Intelligence, Continuous Security Compliance, and IT infrastructure Automation. With customizable tailormade solutions, Next-Gen MSP allows organizations to alleviate strain on their IT team and enable the management to focus on higher-value projects whilst the technology remains safely and effectively handled by the trusted MSP.

To keep up with the continually evolving technology landscape, many businesses are turning to Next-Gen MSP in 2021. Why would you consider Next-Gen Managed Services? Here are the top 4 Reasons.

1. Reduced Cost of Ownership

Next-Gen MSPs are moving away from a centralized model to a distributed, automated model consisting of self-healing and cloud-native solutions that remove a large amount of manual work the traditional MSP model requires. The decentralized model will allow the organization to launch services quickly, apply continuous improvement practices and improve performance with minimized cost.

2. Vendor to Partner

Next-Gen MSPs are evolving towards offering long-term strategic consulting to add more value and support the organization’s business development than solely focusing on IT support services. Besides taking care of your business, the Next-Gen MSPs are now set to serve your customers’ expectations. They take the time to truly understand your business vision, act as an extension of your team invested in helping your entire organization succeed, and further seesthis relationship as a long-term commitment than a typical contract. This results in a high level of MSP involvement, guidance, and transparency during the process. Choosing a Managed Service provider that offers to be a partner rather than just a vendor will make or break your engagement.

3. Robust Governance & Security

With the help of intelligence automation, Next-Gen MSPs uniformly manage complex security threats and adheres to all regulations. MSP’s Security management uniquely helps align business agility with security resulting in more secure, reduced risk, and effective managed services through improved coordination and enhanced visibility.

4. Improved Service Levels

Alongside Remote Monitoring, Next-Gen MSPs included automation solutions in their key offerings to boost the Managed Service offering by streamlining workflow, reducing resourceintensive manual tasks, accelerating processes, and eliminating costly delays. By automating the tasks, MSP can lower cost, increase business availability, performance and focus on innovation. With the Next-Gen Managed Services model, organizations can now operate in a self-service manner, enabling them to fully provision their infrastructure in a way that best fits their needs.


In an era of digital evolution, the need for technological transformation by organizations has become a business necessity. Now is the time to embrace Next-Gen Managed Service Providers. The next-Gen approach to Managed Services offers long-term benefits to organizations and is the key to achieving desired transformation growth.

It is critical to find a partner you can trust, that has the experience and knowledge to guide and accompany you along this journey. With over 2 decades of experience in leveraging the latest technologies to support digital transformation and a proven track record of delivering high-quality Next-Gen Managed Services to enterprises around the world, hSenid Mobile is equipped with the expertise to effectively manage your technology.

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