Cloud Management Platform Explained: A unified solution to manage, secure and optimize your Multi-Cloud

Today, utilizing more than one cloud platform is common in most organizations. Operating in a multi-cloud environment removes the need to depend on a single cloud service provider, and to benefit from strengths of various cloud services. However, due to the complex nature of multi-cloud environments as explained in our previous post, multi-cloud environment management is often proved to be a challenging task.

In order to overcome the challenges associated with managing a multi-cloud environment, platforms for handling the management of multi-cloud environments are being introduced. These centralized multi-cloud management platforms, allows organizations to simplify and streamline the management of multi-cloud environments.

What is a multi-cloud management platform?

A cloud management platform or CMP is a term used to refer to software tools which offer organizations the ability to centrally manage, secure and optimize their multi-cloud environments. The single interface offered by cloud management platforms, allows for better visibility into cloud deployments, identification of security vulnerabilities, cost optimization and performance enhancement.

What should be offered by a multi-cloud management platform?

  • Cloud Visibility
  • Through a single interface, a multi-cloud management platform should offer in depth visibility into deployed cloud services. Organizations should be able to gain insights into costs associated with cloud resources and proper understanding of deployed cloud resources. Ability to track utilization of cloud resources should be provided by multi-cloud management platforms. Presenting the relationships between deployed cloud resources is also expected from multi-cloud management platforms.

  • Cloud Optimization
  • A multi-cloud management platform should analyze and suggest the actions to take against under/over utilized cloud resources. Recommending cost saving plans according to the organization's resource utilization should also be a capability of a multi-cloud management platform. Further recommendations to refrain the occurrence of unnecessary costs should be provided by a multi-cloud management platform by identifying non-production workloads and orphaned resources.

  • Security and Governance
  • Securing the multi-cloud environment of an organization should be done by a multi-cloud platform by detecting security threats and system misconfigurations. A Multi-cloud platform should have the ability to enhance the performance of an organization’s deployed cloud resources and to ensure the stability of the multi-cloud environment. Assisting organizations to maintain proper governance through reports, alerting mechanisms and budget allocations is also expected from multi-cloud management platforms.

  • Cloud Allocation
  • Tagging of cloud resources should be another feature provided by multi-cloud management platforms. Allocation and management of tags, manually or automatically should be offered for the organizations.

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Organizations operating in multi-cloud environments should be able understand the relationships between their cloud resources. Multi-cloud management platforms should fulfill this requirement by providing simplified visibility into multi-cloud environments.

  • Cloud Automation
  • Automation of operations of the multi-cloud environment is a capability expected from multi-cloud management platforms. Ability to automate the security practices, resource backups and resource management should be offered by a multi-cloud management platform.


    Even though multi-cloud environments offer a variety of benefits to organizations, managing a multi-cloud environment is no easy task and a multi-cloud management platform can assist organizations with it. There are a vast set of features which should be offered by multi-cloud management platforms, to overcome the complexity associated with managing multi-cloud environments.

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