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26th November




Along with cloud computing adoption, enterprises are realizing the great benefits of having multi-cloud strategy. A Gartner’s survey of public cloud users early this year underscores this big shift indicating that 81% of their respondents are working with two or more cloud providers.

To avoid vendor lock-in, enterprises are able to pick and choose the cloud provider's best offerings to meet their specific needs with reliability, security and resilience by running all their workloads in a multi-cloud infrastructure. However, it’s been a painful process to get there with lot of challenges from both aspects of technology, process and people.

What you will learn:

  • How Managed Services can help your enterprise overcome these challenges and accelerate your Multi-Cloud adoption journey
  • Technology Stack for unified approach to Multi-Cloud.
  • How hSenid Mobile partners with you on unifying Multi-Cloud experience so you can focus on what you do best.

Featured presenters

An Nguyen

Cloud Solutions Director
Red Hat

Chirantha Pitigala

Deputy General Manager
hSenid Mobile

Who should attend?

  • CXOs, Top Level Managers, IT Leaders

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