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Seamlessly migrate your workloads with
hSenid Mobile cloud adoption framework

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On-Prem Cloud

Adopt On-Prem cloud and experience 50% reduction of lead time for your business innovation. Scalable cloud design meeting current and future infrastructure requirements save your cost during expansions.

hSenid Mobile Cloud Adoption strategy brings you the cloud adoption of the end to end life cycle of infrastructure and applications with a guided transition to becoming cloud-native. Open Technology based hSenid Mobile On-Prem Cloud is Vendor agnostic and backed by technology from cloud leaders such as Redhat.

Hybrid / Multi-Cloud

Adopt your business to a Hybrid/Multi-cloud strategy with the hSenid Cloud Adoption framework. Save your investment on infrastructure by using pay-as-you-go model with Multi cloud along with global cloud providers such as Redhat , AWS and Google.

Certified experts will handle your migration with the most applicable adoption strategy for your enterprise.

Expert Technologies

Stack Cloud
Cloud Native
Kubernetes / Open

Cloud Transformation Strategy

hSenid Mobile brings you the end to end strategic approach for cloud transformation that helps with seamlessly transforming your enterprise to the cloud to achieve multi fold acceleration of launching services.

Value-added services hSenid Mobile brings you

Cloud Migration Services

Our certified cloud expert team provides end to end migration services for On Premise Cloud and Public Cloud enabling smooth transition of your business to Cloud.

Container Transformation Services

We help to bring container orchestration to your cloud so can achieve multi fold efficiency and acceleration of your deployed systems.

Multi Cloud Transformation

Our certified cloud expert team works with you on migrating certain work loads to public clouds such as AWS and Google and implement multi cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Native App Strategy

Our expert Cloud app development team works with you on making current application cloud native so can get maximum out of Cloud Transformation.

Cloud Monitoring Platform

We bring you a cloud monitoring platform which handles FCAPS (fault-management,configuration, accounting, performance, and security) of your whole infrastructure so guaranteed 24 X 7 availability.

Operations Data Analytics Platform

We bring you the Operations Data Analytics Platform which processes peta bytes of Operations Data and helps you in making critical operations and business decisions.

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